Much appreciation and thanks to Lita and Dr. Rich!

After having a C-PAP machine for four years and tolerating it less and less over the last year I asked my Pulmonologist for a referral to explore the option of a mouth appliance instead.

Upon meeting Lita and Dr. Rich I was thoroughly informed, encouraged, and hopeful about using an appliance in
lieu of the C-PAP.

I LOVE IT!! The first night I noticed a wealth of rushing air in my throat. It was comforting and I looked forward to sleeping that night. The next morning I felt like I got a good night of sleep. And the 30 second teeth-tapping exercise for my jaw was quick-and-easy. A no-brainer to support my normal bite.

Soon a sleep study will reveal exactly how much relief I am getting!

So excited,
Angletta, Sleep-ful in Seattle

I felt very strange the first morning I woke up after using the mandibular advancement device (MAD) to relieve my sleep apnea – until I realized that it was because, for the first time in years, I felt rested!

J. Erickson

My primary care physician recommended that I use a sleep apnea dental appliance. My two prior sleep studies confirmed extreme sleep apnea. U am unable to tolerate the use of CPAP. Dr. Rich and dental assistants provided me with an oral appliance and outstanding information and support.

From my first appointment with Dr. Rich, I found a compassionate and capable Dentist with personal experience using his own apnea dental appliance.

With care and patience, Dr. Rich and staff guided me through the delicate process of learning how to adapt successfully to use of the appliance. Also, they skillfully submitted fees and costs to my healthcare insurer which fully paid the claim without and co-pay from me. I am pleased to recommend Dr. Rich.

R. Daniels